Push to keep micronationals wiki alive


Due to recent inactivity from both the UR and most other micronationalss nations a meeting was held on the wiki chat. There, various representatives from various nations such as Berlonia, Radon, Martallt and the United Republic agreed that the wiki was dying but could be saved with some effort.

Current wiki admins, President BM of Berlonia and Prince Nuri I of Radon agreed to try boost activity on the struggling wiki.

President Eoghan meanwhile issued a statement on the wiki forum announcing that the UR is going to carry on operations at a ‘limited capacity’ or ‘de facto inactive’. He also urged the current admins to carry on the good work they have done so far and that the wiki could be saved.

President Eoghan also then announced that from the 19th of December onwards this newspaper will no longer be a member of the Tranmania Newspaper Union due to inactivity on the union, wiki and newspaper. President Eoghan confirmed he would be leaving his post as head of the union.

More to come as President Eoghan announcing he shall be confirming which unions the UR shall be leaving over the coming days….


UR-Radon Treaty Announced

The President and the Prince of Radon announced yesterday a new treaty signed between the United Republic and now close ally Radon. Details of the fledgling treaty are yet to be unveiled by national authorities. However, President Eoghan did confirm, that the treaty shut down the inactive TEDU (Trans-European Democratic Union), in which only the UR and Radon were members.

This was President Eoghan, on his official statement – ‘I think this treaty will strengthen ties between two close allies. It will certainly pave a bright path for both Radon and the UR, and revitalize the currently dormant micronational community. I do hope that this treaty will benefit both nations in every way expected’.

Newspaper Union established in Tranmania

The President announced today that Tranmania will be the capital city for a new international newspaper union. The Tranmania Newspaper Union is an international union for all micronational newspapers.

The President made a public inquiry on a Micronationals forum earlier today, asking the heads of various nations if their newspapers would be interested in joining such a union. President Eoghan received mixed interest, but enough positive interest to show that such a union would be fruitful.

So, on 20:30 GMT, President Eoghan announced in Micronationals chat that the Tranmania Newspaper Union or the TNU had been established. Ten minutes later, the two founding members were named. These being the Tranmania Herald[Here] and the Æpdos. Later on, Shady Morsi of the United Islands, head of the newspaper ‘The Brandholmer’ announced his intention to join the union.

The first ‘Order of Quality’ was made shortly after The Brandholmer joined, with President Eoghan ordering The Brandholmer to establish a website before the first meeting, which is due in the next few days.

Opinion –

This move is likely set in motion by President Eoghan to solidify Tranmania’s place as a Micronationals regional power. The United Republic is one of the most influential micronations on the Micronationals wiki (micronationalss.wikia.com) and this is likely an attempt from President Eoghan to keep it that way.


Radonic Prince becomes Interim President of Mahuset


Prince Nuri I of Radon, a nation which has had close ties to the UR for over a year now, has been appointed as Interim President of the Republic of Mahuset.

The reason for this appointment is due to the current president of Mahuset damaging his computer, and thus being unable to conduct foreign affairs, which is the Mahuset president’s main responsibility.

We’ve interviewed Prince Nuri I about his recent appointment, this was his statement – ”It is great, being chosen as a head of state of another micronation. Although this thing has its downside, as you have to manage all the things of this other nation. Moving on, it’s great to have been chosen as a president of Mahuset, and I hope my reign of benevolence goes well.”.

It is unknown just for how long Prince Nuri I will be President of Mahuset, but the President of the UR wished him luck in this statement – “I do hope that Radon [Prince Nuri I] gets on well with his new position as President of Mahuset. I wish him every bit of luck in this, and I certainly hope that it works out for him”.

More can be found on this story at ” https://aepdos.wordpress.com/2016/02/16/radonic-prince-has-become-temporary-mahusetan-president/

Mission Center in Radon forced to change emails

The Mission Center, (which is a UR embassy run by foreign nationals), located in Radon has been forced to change it’s email. It’s old email, missioncenter.radon@hotmail.com is no longer active.

The Tranmania Herald is still attempting to acquire the new email from the Radonic Prince, this article will be edited to include it as soon as possible.

Possible reorganization of MS1 due?

MS1 (Military Section 1) has been since early 2015 the intelligence organization of the UR. However, the President has announced today that he is considering a reorganization of MS1 due to recent inactivity of the group.

Until now, MS1 has dealt with espionage, sending in moles to various parliaments around the micronation world. It has in the past worked with the KI (Keigen Intelligence) and with the Smithville military.

However, due to the recent inactivity of Illea, and the lack of threats to the UR, the group have been dormant. However, the President is considering transforming the group into a division of the military, and tasking it with running the recent New Orlando Droneport.

This is a quote from the President, ‘I feel, that these changes, are necessary to MS1, to one,  keep the group alive, and two, to have a proper organization run our intelligence operations out of New Orlando [Droneport]. The Air Force can do a fine job, but that division has too much stuff on it’s plate to have to deal with our occasional intelligence operations….’

These changes are expected to be brought to parliament over the course of the week, and a decision to be made by Friday (19/2/16).

New Orlando Droneport launch delayed

The UR government has announced that it’s planned launch day for the New Orlando Droneport has been delayed by two days, due to unforeseen difficulties.

The wood intended to be used for the helipad was unsuitable for outdoor use, and replacement material is being sourced as this article is written.

‘I announce, with deep regret. That we must delay the twelfth of February launch date on the droneport [New Orlando] by two days……we hope to be able to open the droneport before then however’ the President commented.

The new expected launch date is the fourteenth of February 2016.

UR Government to meet on potential new landmark sculpture.

NEW UR.png
The UR Parliament, is set to meet over the coming days over the potential of a new landmark, possibly a sculpture.

The President revealed to the Tranmania Herald that the idea was being considered by the government, however, no details would be revealed until after the New Orlando Droneport project was finished.

It is largely believed that the sculpture would be made out of bricks, and represent the long-lasted determination of the United Republic.

President Eoghan has expressed interest in promoting the UR as a micronation power, and plans to firmly establish the nation across the internet. The sculpture, is all apart of a plan to have the UR tourism industry kick-started.

The President also plans to contact several micronational leaders across several wikis to arrange treaties of both peace and mutual friendship.

The New Orlando Droneport meanwhile is scheduled to be opened tomorrow, the twelfth of February 2016, at about six in the evening. With scheduled military flights commencing the same day.


New Orlando Droneport Announced

The United Republic Air Force announced earlier this week, it’s intention to launch a military droneport in New Orlando. The base, situated a few metres away from both Illean and Irish territory, will be used on surveillance operations, and regular military operations.

‘This droneport, is the first order I put in as the re-elected president of the United Republic’ President Eoghan declared in a statement. ‘I intend for it to be the center of all aviation activities within the UR, and there is no reason for it not to eventually expand into civilian operations as well’.

The President, who recently was re-elected, promised that the droneport would be finished by the twelfth of January 2016.